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 Summer of 2012: Steering Committee formed

President Beverly McNeil, BNNPS, convened a steering committee to consider the role and stature of the SAM organization on Campus. This esteemed group is comprised of a varied constituency, reaching across many of the org Units:

  • Vice President Tracey Scholtemeyer, Mathematics and the CNAS Dean's Office
  • Cathy Eckman, Student Affairs Administration
  • Deidre Goodwin, Career Services Center
  • Janice Leslie, AEE Administrative Unit
  • Susan Marshburn, Housing Services Administration
  • Veronica Ruiz, Chancellor's Office
  • Denise Sanders, Bioengineering
  • Russell Vernon, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Tanya Wine, Economics/Political Science Administrative Unit

The charge: Create/define the new SAM.

The bylaws are outdated, Campus processing has changed, responsibilities have changed, and overall Campus administrators are doing less with less. Conversations within the SAM Executive Board have generated ideas: create a new identity, a new name, a new Board structure; develop a Campus mentor program; partner with HR to create a training path for financial analysts and the core competencies (STAR) program; as well as to partner with the UC to provide a BOI follow-up program.

The Steering Committee is meeting June - September. Stay tuned for developments!





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