Senior Administrative Managers



The name of this organization shall be Senior Administrative Managers (SAM). This is a formally recognized organization of the University of California, Riverside.


SAM is an organization of senior administrative officers from academic departments and administrative units who gather information about, provide input to, and comment upon policies and practices affecting the operation of their units.
The following are the specific objectives of SAM:

  1. Providing a forum: for discussion of common concerns; as a mechanism to study administrative problems for the purpose of finding ways to improve and simplify operations at all levels; and as a broad-based planning resource group for the campus administration that is closely involved with campus issues.
  2. To foster respect and cooperation among all members of the UCR community and promoting improved communication among teaching, research, service, and administrative offices of the Riverside campus.
  3. Continuing to enhance effectiveness in our own areas of responsibility by assisting members to improve the operation of their departments and units and by providing a supportive and informational network to new members.
  4. Promoting and recognizing the professional identity of department and unit administrators and managers.

The membership shall consist of senior business officers reporting directly to: (1) Academic Department Chair, (2) Director/Head of a Unit; (3) Chancellors, Vice Chancellors and/or Deans; who are not represented by an exclusive agent, who have responsibilities for the operation of teaching, research, service or administrative units. Such administrative officers shall have management and long range planning responsibilities for a distinct unit, program, or department and meet at least one of the following components: (1) Accountability and responsibility for budget development implementation, and control; (2) Accountability and responsibility for program development and direction; (3) Responsibility for supervision of a diverse staff. Individuals who express an interest and desire to be included in the membership will submit an application to the Executive Board. Membership will be recommended by the Membership Committee and approved by the Executive Board. A membership fee, paid by the member's department, may be required.


General meetings shall be held not less than twice per year and otherwise when deemed necessary and appropriate by the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall meet not less than six times per year and otherwise when deemed necessary and appropriate by the Executive Board.

  1. SAM shall be governed by an Executive Board consisting of a President, Vice President (President Elect), Secretary/Treasurer, three representatives elected at large and any appointed board members, Membership Chair, and Program Chair. In addition, the board shall invite a representative from each of the offices of Human Resources (HR) and the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (EVCP) to serve as a liaison between the Executive Board and their office. They would be a non-voting member of the board.
    The Executive Board's duties shall include but not be limited to:
    1. calling meetings,
    2. establishment of Ad Hoc committees,
    3. designation of committee members for Ad Hoc and Standing Committees,
    4. reporting committee findings to membership at large.
  2. The Executive Board shall act as the official representative of SAM for purposes of communication with campus administrative officers and other campus organizations. Membership shall guide the Executive Board on all major issues with a two-thirds majority of members voting.
  3. No individual may serve on the Executive Board for more than two consecutive terms.
    Elections will be held in [May] to elect the Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Representatives, with new officers taking office in [June]. A majority of those voting will be required for election. In case of a tie a revote must take place.
  4. Terms of Office
    1. Representatives
      1. The term of office of representatives will be two years. (For the first year that the by-laws are in effect, two representatives will serve for one year (1992-93) and one representative will serve two years (1992-93 and 1993-94)).
      2. A Board member unable to continue serving on the Board shall be replaced by the first runner-up in the election until the normal tenn has expired.
    2. Secretary/Treasurer
      1. The Secretary/Treasurer will be elected for a two-year term.
    3. Vice President
      1. The Vice President will be elected for a two-year term, the first year as Vice President, the second year as President.
    4. President
      1. The President will assume office in [June] for one year, following one year as Vice President.
      2. The President will be invited to serve in a non-voting, ex officio capacity on the Executive Board for one year following service as President.
    1. Ad Hoc Committees
      1. Ad Hoc Committees shall be formed at the discretion of the Executive Board to complete short-term projects and shall disband upon completion.
      2. Ad Hoc Committees shall report findings back to the Executive Board.
    2. Standing Committees
      1. Standing Committees (i.e. Membership Committee) shall be formed by a two-thirds majority of the members voting for specific ongoing purposes
      2. Standing Committees shall report findings back to the Executive Board.
    1. The By-Laws and other official publications of SAM may be added to, amended, or repealed only by a two-thirds majority of the members voting.
      No proposal relating to introduction, amendment or repeal of SAM legislation may be presented for vote of the general membership unless:
      1. Such a proposal shall have previously been reviewed and approved by the Executive Board or a designated Ad Hoc committee whose authority shall be limited to matters of form and the coordination of related changes in the ByLaws and other official publications of SAM; and
      2. the membership of SAM has received written notice of a proposal fifteen (15) working days prior to the established date for the vote.
      3. Whenever a question of procedure cannot be settled within reasonable time as determined by the President, Robert's Rules of Order (current edition) shall govern the Senior Administrative Managers.

    Ratified 11/2006 | Revised 05/2006

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