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SAM has historically met (3) times per Academic Year, once each quarter. We have provided a variety of topics and Speakers all to enable Managers and Directors to more effectively conduct our jobs with the most up-to-date UC and UCR information.


Recent Past Meeting

Spring SAM General Meeting: Thursday, May 31, 2012

Marilyn Voce, Bobbi McCracken, Chuck Rowley and Katina Napper have graciously agreed to speak to provide the Administrative Managers on campus the most up-to-date information regarding the UCPath Initiative. Our esteemed panel will provide information to assist in the planning/communication/transition processes for this campus.

Immediately following this presentation, Bev McNeil, President, will share the plan for SAM moving forward. As we would all agree, the Campus has been in a fluid state of change and growth, and as the administrative structure has shifted, so too have the roles of the Administrative Managers. Our need for information, creation of best practices and succession planning for our units, has perhaps led us to consider the need for a new Professional Networking Group. With this in mind, the Executive Board proposes creation of a Steering Committee (8 - 10 members) to discuss the By Laws of SAM with the outcome of making a recommendation to Executive Vice Chancellor Rabenstein.


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